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hi everyone! my name is malene and i was born in 1991 which makes me 23.. i'm old! i'm from denmark, which kinda sucks, because i'm pretty much in love with the uk. i also fall in love with tv-shows and celebrities way too easily! my favourite tv-shows atm. are how i met your mother, ncis, bones and the simpsons, but i also love these shows..

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yellow umbrella(s)


I love the Eurovision because the rest of Tumblr just sits around in various states of confusion and Europe is just like




And in that moment everyone realized that Forrest knew. He knew he was “special” and not like everyone else despite going to regular school and college. He knew that he wasn’t like everyone else mentally and his biggest fear was that his son would have to face life like that too. The bullies, the name calling, the confusion, everything. This broke my heart because all he wanted was a better life for his son in every way.

someone poured water on my face I’m not crying

Darren Black Photoshoot. x



this literally gave me chills.

I’ve never hit the reblog button so fast in my life.

You & I - 4 days to go

Can we talk about Niall’s hair in the ”You & I” video? Jesus fucking Christ it’s hot. He reminds me so much of a young Dougie Poynter with that hair!